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ABYRINTH is a third-person action platformer set onboard an asteroid mining station. You play as Mylo, a young alien who has come to the station in search of clues to his late uncle's secret life and mysterious demise. 

In these adventures, Mylo will encounter a colourful cast of characters and find useful items to aid in his journey. 

What lies at the heart of Abyrinth Station?


This demo is a test of the movement mechanics of the game as well as the powerups that will be acquired as the game progresses. 

In the demo, you will be prompted to collect all the scrap but this is more to give you a goal as you explore the mechanics and areas.

The level was created for the purpose of testing and is not representative of the final art style or any level that will be present in the final game.

Much is placeholder or unfinished: All animations will be replaced and many sounds, effects, and animations may be added or removed. The music may be completely different in later versions. The UI and menus may be redone.

Music by Max Leeming and Michael Dillabough

Game by David Dunkelman and Michael Dillabough


Controller Keyboard + Mouse
MoveLeft StickWASD
LookRight StickMouse
Look CentreLeft Stick PressMiddle Mouse Button
JumpBottom Face Button or Left BumperSpace
CrouchRight Face ButtonC
Wall JumpLeft Stick tap left or right when moving off of wallA or D when moving off of wall
Roll Right Face Button and a direction on the Left Stick when hit ground from high heightC and a direction on WASD when hit ground from high height
Air Jump*Bottom Face Button or Left Bumper [Midair]Space [Midair]
Dash**Left TriggerLeft Shift
Shoot***Right TriggerLeft Mouse Button
Toggle Gun***Right Stick PressRight Mouse Button
Swap Gun Mode***Top Face Button or Right BumperMouse Wheel or Q
PauseStartP or Escape

* Requires the Jetpack powerup, not usable at start
** Requires the Dash powerup, not usable at start
*** Requires the Gun powerup, not usable at start 

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Updated 19 days ago
Published 23 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorSkyPyre Studios
GenrePlatformer, Action, Shooter
Tags3D, Indie, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Third Person


ABYRINTH_MechanicsV1.3.zip 398 MB

Install instructions

To play, run the file labelled ABYRINTH.exe.

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