2020 | A New Decade!


Halen has been downloaded over 9,000 times! Amazing! Thanks for playing our game!

This post is a quick update on what SkyPyre is up to. Back in October 2019, we once again exhibited at the EGLX gaming convention. Lots of fun, and met some more great people. In early November we raised over $1,000 during our Extra Life charity livestream! It was a lot of fun and hope to participate again this year.

We are now working on a new project that we think you'll like. It's still very early in development and as a result, there's nothing show or even say. If interested, feel free to follow us on social media and/or join our Discord community.

Thanks again for playing our game!

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is haley a robot or not?

Hi, Halen is not a robot. :)