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 Over 700 downloads! WOW! Special thanks to everyone who has downloaded the game and especially to those who have been generous enough to donate. We hope you've enjoyed the game as much as we enjoyed making it!

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Please, make Subtitles.

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At the moment we are focusing on other projects. If ever we do revisit this game, we may discuss the possibility of adding subtitles.

Game is good. But AI is very dumb, it isn' dangerouse.

Glad you like the game. The AI isn't the most advanced, we admit but if you stop moving, you will die quickly. As long as you are always moving, you should be pretty good.

I played it earlier today and I love it! the controls were a bit wobbly but that was probably my computers fault!

Happy to hear that you enjoyed playing!

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You deserve it dear devs :P P.S Halen's voice actress have a wonderful voice :D

Thank you very much! Yes, she did an excellent job. But don't forget the other characters ;) All the actors were splendid