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Halen: Ballad of the Blade Thief is a single player, third person action platformer, where the player uses combat and agility to navigate the environment, fight enemies, and find secrets, while trying to escape the dangerous temple.

This game was our team's university senior project (2017) & is available as a free download.


A lone thief, betrayed by those she trusted most, Halen’s survival depends on taking a dangerous job retrieving an artifact from the far reaches of the galaxy. She must travel to the abandoned planet of Teltona, using a piece of ancient technology, and descend into the depths of a mystical temple. However, things go awry, and she finds herself fighting off an army of marooned robots, with the help of an unexpected ally. Together they must escape the temple in one piece.

Armed with a powerful ancient sword, and a deadly plasma revolver, you must fight your way through gangs of mining robots, heavily armed gunners, heavily armored chargers and more!

Use Halen’s nimble abilities to explore the many hidden passages and caves within the temple, and discover secrets to unfold the story of the temple and its inhabitants.

Procure the highest score you can, by comboing attacks, using the robot’s abilities against themselves, and mixing up the fight in unique ways.

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This was cute! It felt to me like some kind of reverse Metroid situation. Where Metroid is defined by its isolation and claustrophobia, Samus Aran out on her dangerous missions all alone in the world, with Halen you have this space adventurer character out on dangerous remote missions but then getting stuck in that isolation with a talking sword? This is a neat idea!

Boss fight was janky. Couldn't hit him with sword at all. But could beat him without moving by just standing still and shooting repeatedly. 

Understandable from a smaller game. But was confused about what I was supposed to be doing. Are you supposed to just stand still and spam shooting? Because that worked for me!

Thanks for playing & glad you enjoyed it!

Yes, this was our first real attempt at creating a boss. Glad you managed to beat him!

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This game is so good I love it. Those enemies who charge at us tho are so annoying I spent half an hour just trying to kill one. Love this tho and love the voice acting. 10/10


Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the game :)


wow great game! finally someone who places the controls in the pause menu :D !

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked the game and the pause menu!

The Trailer was awesome trying the game now.

I just finished the first part of the game and i love it, its got good voice acting, some funny parts here and there (so far as I know at least), Very Fun. I'd Say one of the best games I've played in a while. 10/10

Thanks, glad you're enjoying it!


The game is amazing! It is fun.

Thank you :)