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About the Game

Alt-Fire is an arena style first-person shooter game, where you move fast, act faster, and shoot big sci-fi guns. Its DNA is built on classic shooters like Unreal Tournament and Quake, while injecting some modern quality of life improvements and accessibility options.


Details on the specifics of the game design are evolving and we'll update the page here as decisions are made and the project's core design solidifies.

The demo provided here is a very early pre-alpha build with a small sample of test maps, placeholder assets and may definitely contains bugs. If you find any we encourage you to reach out here, on social media, or via our Discord: https://discord.gg/TKHxNshZWs

We hope you'll give the demo a try and join us in the development of our first shooter game!


PreAlpha-v0.9 324 MB

Install instructions

Since the game is just an EXE file, it may trigger an anti-virus program or prompt you to allow it. Rest assured the game is safe, it is an executable created from Unreal Engine.

Development log


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